Symphony of Souls

by Synaesthesia

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released July 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Synaesthesia Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Symphony of Souls
(Spoken Word)
As I walk these familiar streets but one cold winter’s night so often I think to myself whatever happened to an innocent child’s dream?

I ask this of myself, of the midnight sky, of the moon, the stars, and the heavens but alas not one single answer comes back to me. They used to say to me when I was just a child you grow up, get what education you should but wish, you marry, have a family, get a steady job to bring them up, you grow old and you die peacefully one night as you sleep and that was it...

Growing up that is what I thought life was. So simple so black and white but now I see just how wrong I was and this I spent but each waking hour trying to re-imagine and return to that lost...childhood...dream...

Verse 1
Redeem me, lost soul condemned to hell
Conceal from me, the shadows of the night
Everything I thought I knew
But one dream I’d wish come true
And I need someone to hold me now

Am I looking for an answer
One fairytale a midnight dancer
When all I have my heart to hold
A symphony of souls

Verse 2
Hate me, lest hate oneself you cannot break me
Forsake me, I do not dare to dream once more
Darkened prayer one angel down
A world trying to make me drown
Was I just one beautiful young fool


Two different tales to me
But the same ideals to me

(Spoken Word)

I guess no one explained to me darkness, sickness, inner emotions, inner demons or the awful pain of being forced to say goodbye to a loved one.

Who knows? Maybe they were only trying to protect me and yes it is true that every fairytale and story we are told and perhaps later tell to our own children... You remember that beginning, once upon a time...

But as every story begins every story must end. Remember the ending ...Happily ever after. Every dream ends but then so does every nightmare

Sometimes it’s hard to let the demons go...They held us when no one else would...
Track Name: Holmfirth Kid
Verse 1
One for the torture of his soul
Two for the tragedy a story told
Forever a prisoner of the past
Nightmare hell memories last

Holmfirth kid, won’t say what you did
Ride the wind, live in sin
Hold the tears, until the end of time
And ride the lightning, down the devil’s line

Verse 2
Three for a well known melody
Four a sick twisted harmony
Lost voice of a crying symphony
A vision he’s trying not to see


There was a time when I thought I understood
She wouldn’t say because she didn’t think I would
I gave them more than I thought I ever could
I kept it all inside I thought I should


Track Name: Dou Lapriyè
Verse 1
In a misty distance, where the horizon meets the sky
The wind is the fluttering heart, of a soldier born to die
Lord I have served my time, so take me to the stars
This is not the dream, I have chased so very far

Verse 2
Oh darling don’t you weep
Over words our kids will never speak
If the world should ever be as one
Look for my spirit in the shadow of the sun

Verse 3
The whistle of silver bullets, the rivers of the tears
The dreams turned to nightmares, the freedom turned to fear
I wearily look up, with my final breath
This is not the world, that I’m dying to protect

Verse 4
Can’t you see the mothers crying
Can’t you see the children dying
Can’t you hear the fathers praying
That they’ll fight no more, can’t you hear them saying

Verse 5
A contract signed in blood
What happened to the love
Was it all just empty words
A story never heard
Bloodshed built in stages
A book with missing pages
Graveyard growing through the ages
Please take me home tonight

Track Name: Frozen Battleground (Martyr Ground)
Verse 1
In search of glory they strode
Away from the homeland that they owed
In search of glory none was found
Only shadows dancing over snowy mounds
They fell asleep their backs were turned
And then the snow with blood was churned
Through foreign wastelands blasted with ice
Entrusted fates to loaded dice

As midnight struck, the screaming started
Trapped souls of, the dead departed
Death’s cruel servants, had them trapped
That tundra’s light, held them rapt

Verse 2
Released from flesh the soldiers floated
Heavy burden that had controlled them
But in the distance shadows wailed
And they realised they had failed
Bright lights held them rapt
On that tundra they were trapped
A spectral voice could be heard singing
This purgatory is just the beginning


Verse 3
Millennia later when flesh had faded
No trace left on that frozen wasteland
Massacre of mortals the struggle within
No fading screams except on the wind
Heart of battle those cries won’t die
Souls of lost just left behind
For those who bled laid down their lives
Forever cursed white mountain side

Track Name: The Soulless Child (Forest Lantern)
Verse 1
I look out, out of my window
And I see the gloomy sky
Night has not yet fallen
But the time has come to fly
Out towards the forest and
That lantern on the hill
Glow between the beauty of trees
I feel I must fulfil

Shoot for the stars and you might reach the sky
Pray to the gods that the myths never die
Search for the dragon and you’ll learn to fly
Are you finding that your life’s been a lie

Verse 2
Finally I reach the forest
And the sun is almost gone
Running between those trees
Realizing that I was a pawn
Oath I had taken and I
Had sworn beneath the trees
I made the forest
A tale in the breeze

Track Name: Desert River (instrumental version)
Track Name: Wanderlust
Verse 1
I long to see the hills of light tonight
Homeland is my dream tonight
To gaze upon the northern lights
And it will be alright
To look once more on angel’s wonder light
Bewitching smile of the stars tonight
To my angel’s wings I’ll hold tight
Make everything alright

I long to see a vision that my eyes are not deceived
I long to see my horizons and I believe
May the black clouds fade away so I might see the sun
And satisfy my wander lust may my will be done

Verse 2
Flowing rivers and golden sands
Clear my head to understand
I will walk by hand in hand
One angel’s guide to my home land
Not a playwrite not an act
Sunset golden lights the black
Tonight my smiles can’t hold back
Angel’s hand to light that black

Track Name: Tales of the Forgotten Pt 1 - Hawk's Revenge
Verse 1
Can you cast a vision on the darkness of my soul
Through the eye of a needle pictures unfold
Painting portraits of dreams running rivers of tears
Twisted enchantments princess of fears

To the sky
To the sun
Ties that bind
Midnight star bright

Verse 2
A path to the damned a map drawn in blood
Lost is the child searching for love
Prayer on a wish but one shooting star
But once just to wonder who we really are


Verse 3
With her shaking hand last letter she writes
Written to be read by last candle’s light
She writes of the tale time only forgot
As her curtain calls she fades to her thoughts

Track Name: Tales of the Forgotten Pt 2 - Until Death Do Us Part
(Spoken Word)
One night I lay awake was I dreaming? I was none too sure.

There was an angel missing from my life thus for me to dream these days was not uncommon. As I sat up slowly turning on the bed side light I picked up the picture I still kept of her and turned it over slowly in my hands but as I did so the glass slipped from the frame and cut into my hand.
I felt the blood rush to the surface and for a moment I even relished the pain before I noticed on the back of the photograph itself one hand written word. I’d never seen it before, it simply said...Attic.

My heart started to race as my longing for her took over completely I had not been to that attic, the place we had spent many long happy nights together talking, looking at the stars and trading stories, since she had gone but already I was half way there...
I turned the key in the lock and gently pushed open the door and I saw it...There on the old table was a burned out candle and one single envelope containing a letter with my name written on the front...

The handwriting was her’s and so with shaking hands I began to read her last ever words to me...

Will you hold me if I make a memory
And console me if I write a tradgedy
Will you smile when I’m where I need to be
And show me the way I need to see

Verse 1
A letter from heaven’s light
When you were but one breath from the end
Words that I will read tonight
I wish but in my dreams you’ll be here again
I cannot carry on
This pain is much too strong
I see your face and pray that I not wake tonight


Verse 2
I would give my life my dear
To free you from your chains of hell
As I read your words to me
I see your last tears where they once fell
I cannot close this door
I know our love is so much more
I wander every waking moment wishing you were here

Track Name: Tales of the Forgotten Pt 3 - Starlight
(Spoken Word)
The pain was far too real and I didn’t understand why really but I knew I owed it to her to be strong one last time...

And so in the pouring rain I stood there as they buried the love of my life...

Verse 1
I saw you cry late one night
And I’d stay right by your side
Until your tears were gone
I’d help you hang on
It didn’t matter time of night
I’d hold you as long as you like

I’d stay by you if you’d want to talk about it
I’d lay with you if you’d say nothing at all
Why did you have to go
The days they pass so slow
Now you’re gone

Verse 2
I made my mind up long ago
Without your love the pain it shows
And I miss you now
Can you still see me somehow
Sometimes I close my eyes at night
Think of you and I by candlelight


I make a promise everynight
When I see the bright starlight
When I’m called to heaven’s light
I’ll hold you tight
Once again



(Spoken Word)
Until we meet again my love...good night...sleep tight...
Track Name: Forever Sleep
(Spoken Word)
I tried as hard as I could to console her. After all I was the only friend she had left, maybe thats why she cried so often.

But even when she screamed at me to go I always came back to dry her tears

Verse 1
Not but one chance for love
Regret surrounding us
But that’s over now
A mirror in your eyes
In every tear you cry
I see myself

If I could take it all from you
The tears the hurt the pain I would
And I still believe
In visions of peace
Forever sleep

Verse 2
A struggle to survive
And shattered hearts don’t lie
But they might guide us home
One blood red thin disguise
One twisted compromise
Please don’t you die


Verse 3
If you ever feel alone
And can’t hold on to hope
Then hold on to me
Sometimes the sweet denial
You need to see a smile
And I’ll never go


(Spoken Word)
I was always caught in two worlds when I was with her, sometimes i understood her sometimes I didn’t but I loved her and so I was always there

In the end it wasn’t enough and she had to pass away

I tried so hard
Now I understand...

So with this razor blade my love
I will join you ...